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When you design islands for Richard Branson, and you join forces with folks who craft perfect colonial homes in New England—some explanation might be needed. In November of 2017, Kao Design Group officially joined DSK | Dewing Schmid Kearns and officially became a DSK Studio. The merger of the two firms needed the proper PR, an energetic unifying roof for the two companies to live under. It turned out to be as important internally as it was externally. DSK Architects and Planners turned to the Grove team to help them launch this flagship initiative.


Video, video, video.

The ask was for a merger launch that combined the two companies under one aesthetic (the job of rebranding the two companies is a project currently underway) along with a simple email blast and merger microsite. We pitched the idea of instead producing a fun, simple and bombastic video announcement. The attitude, voice and editing style of the video would be unconventional in a world of institutional architectural firms, rooted in traditional means of communication. I spent 2 days filming in their offices, capturing the in-between moments and character of both. The result is as follows:


…and then we did the microsite.

Sometimes a win-win is exactly that. On the momentum of the well-received merger announcement video we built a simple microsite to answer all the questions that the video provoked. It was aimed at helping partners, clients, and the industry at large understand how, when and why this merger had taken place—and the heights that DSK + KDG would reach together, as one.

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