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Introducing artistry to therapy. 



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Logo & Identity
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In the world of behavioral healthcare your clinical method and outcome data reign supreme. Eternal Principles Counseling, an addiction recovery coaching enterprise, was ready to establish itself as an “artist” in the world of therapy. I led the design work conceiving and implementing the brand identity of Eternal Principles by crafting the logo, brand standards, tagline, brand video, brand photography, print materials, and designing the website.


An eternal mark.

The job began with a logo design that evoked a feeling that the practices being used were eternal, rooted in something deep; teachings that are ancient. It also needed to feel modern, clean and serious enough for the subject matter.


No stock footage of walks on the beach or phony male friend group kayaking. This is the Art of Connection—it should feel that way.


Behavioral healthcare isn’t usually cool.

But when your business is emotions and your clients are young men; it needs to be.


Accessible and Useful.

Eternal Principles is treating a population that lives on mobile, so we had to make sure the brand came across on a 5-inch screen. We ensured that content was clear, accessible and the heart of the brand had the space to “breathe” even on a small screen.