Robert Dexheimer

Harvard Business School Executive Education


If the situation calls for Harvard, GO. 



Grove Marketing

Associate Creative Director
Art Director

Creative Direction

Working collaboratively with my team at Grove Marketing we pitched Harvard Business School on a fresh, exciting, situation-based campaign for their Executive Education Programs. In a category that was lacking personality, emotions or imagination we wanted to avoid talking about “why Harvard” (I mean come on, it’s Harvard) and explore the moments in a person’s career where a little “boost”, a shift in perspective, or a hard skill is needed to make that critical leap to the C-suite. In those situations, we aimed at motivating the viewer to think of HBS, and GO.


“I’m not Harvard material”

People kept telling us this, over and over. For most there is a mysterious and intellectual moat that guards the gates of Harvard. Our goal was to build them a bridge. We wanted to tell the truth—”people go to Harvard, not superheroes.” So we pitched the idea of giving prospective participants a free peek inside a class—something Harvard had never done.


Video Landing Page


Harvard’s new voice: witty, provoking and personal.

Our ads stripped the brand of its usual brick buildings, ivy, and straightforward language. We relied on the heart of our idea to do the work—and connect with people, rather than promote the brand. We used a “ready, set, go!” headline structure that presented a relatable and tangible situation that needed to be solved and urged the viewer to “GO.”


So, we have their attention—now what?

People were clicking, they watched and wanted more. So we redesigned their key collateral piece and moved those with interest to the next step. This brochure was their number-one digital download, and a pivotal deep dive into a specific program.

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